Monday, May 12, 2008

Jimmy Carter

I have always been intrigued by Jimmy Carter. He is the first president that I can remember. More than that is his unswerving devotion to creating peace and to his faith. I just watched 'Jimmy Carter; Man from Plains'. I highly recommend it. From touching moments where he describes his daily practice of reading the Bible with his wife before bed, to highlights of interviews about his controversial book 'Palestine; Peace not Apartheid' the criticism of Alan Dershowitz and others, and his blessing before a church cook-out we are treated to a portrait of a man devout and yet humble. I was most impressed with his courage in speaking the truth as he sees it despite the fact that the response by many is name-calling and ridicule. throughout the documentary he is called communist, plagiarist and most hurtful I would assume, anti-semitic. I simply see someone trying to live out their faith in a very complicated world. I highly recommend this film. It is refreshing to see a former politician who is unafraid to take a stand.

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