Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hauerwas on Memorial Day

The boys and I played outside with their remote-control cars until it started to look like rain. They are watching a movie and I started doing some research for next weeks sermon. I ran across this brief interview with Stanley Hauerwas;

Stanley Hauerwas is a unique theologian and ethicist of the methodist persuasion. I do not pretend to be an expert on his writing or theology although i find his strict adherance to pacifism challenging and interesting. This interview is brief and I warn you that it is challenging. He states that WWII, the war that many refer to when trying to defend 'just' war theory, in fact was not a just war. You will notice some people's responses to the right of the page and they ask an interesting question; what was the alternative to war with Hitlter's Germany?
This little interview also resonates with the latest political spar between Bush and Obama; with Bush suggesting that anyone who would engage Iran in dialogue is repeating the 'mistakes' make by Europe with Hitler in the 30's.
See what you think.

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