Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The National Anthem Controversy

I ran across this interesting post at Jesus Radical It is centered around the recent decision at Goshen College an historically mennonite school at which the national anthem was not played, to now include the National Anthem before school sporting events.

Leads me think about these things. I have found recently that I do not say the pledge of allegiance at my boys school events. I will stand as a sign of respect, but don't say the pledge. The same said for the national anthem. I stand, but don't sing or place my hand over my heart or anything. Not that such symbolic actions matter much to others... but I've recently found them to violate the idea that upon my baptism I was pledging my allegiance to the Kingdom of God.

The American Flag still flies in the sanctuary at my church. I remove it for Advent and Lent, but have never encouraged a dialogue as to its appropriateness or inappropriateness in the worship space, cuz I don't want to start a fight. So I couldn't sign the on-line petition challenging Goshen to go back to no National Anthem, because I'm not sure I'd want that fight either.

By the way, are we violating the third commandment against taking the Lord's name in vain when we say the pledge? sing the anthem?


Roderick said...

Man, you guys will do anything to not be patriotic!Lets just say to HELL with everything. Anyone that doesn't stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, place hand over heart, etc. are jerks, even if it does include my son. World was sure a better place when it was Christ centered, had God in prayer and schools and respect for the flag. Just my opinion.

darin said...

It's always nice to be called a 'jerk' by your own father...
thanks dad... love you too!

Are you coming down to visit this weekend? I'll fly the flag and have big brass band ready to play 'God Bless America!'

No seriously, hope you are still planning to visit... boys very excited to see grampy