Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Lord We Are Able: or Thank You SCABC

My wife and I spent this past weekend in New Orleans LA. The occasion was the installation (or coronation) of my best friend as the 18th pastor of St. Charles Ave. Baptist Church. I was invited to preach at the morning worship. SCABC is a church with a progressive history and a pulpit that has welcomed the likes of Gardner Taylor and Barbara Brown Taylor and for the installation service itself Kirk Byron Jones. So I was a little intimidated.
I have been overwhelmed by the positive and affirming response. People had interesting and insightful questions after worship. the Dialogue with them was truly something to savor. I've gotten e-mails and facebook messages of appreciation. So i want to say thank you to all the folk at SCABC. It was an honor.

The point of my sermon was to inspire the church to both continue and strive to reach greater potential as the body of Christ. The refrain for the sermon was 'Lord We Are Able.' But I think I was more blessed than they in the end, for their response reminded me that I, too, am able. Not that I didn't think I was exactly. But the energy of their response has re-energized me. It takes a church to follow Christ, I'm convinced of that. The cross is too much for me to bear alone, I need a community. And I have a wonderful community at the church I serve Berean Baptist, kind, compassionate, fun and funny, and supportive, generous, tireless, I could go on with kind words for my little church. But I am truly blessed because my sense of church community has expanded and I will never forget the chance to preach at SCABC and the powerful affirmation they have offered me.

so thank you Berean Baptist for calling me... and St. Charles Ave for affirming me... together, We Are Able.

oh yeah, and .... Who Dat!

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