Thursday, October 15, 2009

San Miguel School in Providence

This morning I went to visit the San Miguel School in Providence, with two friends. Just have to share how impressed I was with all the young men (grades 5-8) that I met. Two took us on a tour of the school. Then we attended their opening exercises which included a time for prayer and anyone who wanted could share a prayer request, a word of the week (philanthropist) which they spelled, discussed the etymology of and then talked about philanthropists they have heard of. One young man recited a Langston Hughes poem from memory. Announcements were made for various events such as soccer, dance and other extra-curricular activities. THe announcements were made by the students themselves. Then they had a team of young men come up from the soccer team and nominate five other boys for a 'good sportsmenship' award which was given not just for succeeding, but for trying and not giving up. The school focuses on not only scholastic achievement but also peacemaking and character development. I think I shook the hand of every young man there... they just walk up and shake your hand and welcome you and say hello... no one has to remind them or prompt them. amazing!

We are hoping to get ABCORI and a number of local churches to begin to lend financial support so that more young men can attend the school.

Check out their website

I think you'll be impressed. Oh, its private, but the families only have to pay 5% of the tuition, which amounts to about $8,000 a year. Supporting this great school would be a wonderful way to promote peace and fight poverty in our state.

one more bit... they are need of adult mentors for the young men... If you live in RI, think about it, I am...

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