Monday, June 22, 2009

Gospel of John, Ecotheology and Word of the Day

Just finished this book; Tom Thatcher's Greater Than Caesr; Christology and Empire in the Fourth Gospel. Most of my studies have focused on the Synoptics so I'm trying to do some studies in John. Thatcher's basic thesis is that the Christology of the Gospel is written through 'countermemory' in which the gospel writer re-interprets key events in Jesus' career so that they do not reflect the power of Rome, but instead the power of Christ. Think specifically of the extended dialogue with Pilate.

Thatcher see's Rome's Empire in three key character's in the gospel; Caiaphas, Pilate and the Cross.

I'm still very new to Johnanine scholarship, but I thought his argument was interesting and would recommend the read.

Currently I am reading this book; Ecologies of Grace. Quite technical and I am enjoying the mental exercise. Jenkins begins with an overview of secular environmental ethics and then begins to survey Christian environmental ethics. Will write more as I go along as he raises a number of interesting questions.

For now I will offer a quote from Larry Rasmussen that Jenkings includes;
'fidelity to earth is an imitation of God' from; Earth Community, Earth Ethics.

Word of the day; paideutic: The science or art of teaching.

Special thanks to my friend Jonathan Malone for helping me to define this word. I had a difficult time finding a definition on-line so called malone. He didn't know exactly, but offered a really close educated guest and we finally found a definition on-line. Quite a brain on this guy!!! check out his blog and you can find sermons here... look in the upper right corner of the page.

finally a new website I found in the Providence Journal today. If you'd like to know how the products you buy affect your health, or the companies environmental policies and ethical record... go to this website. For instance, the Journal article explains that the site's creator investigated and discovered that the sunscreen he used on his kids contain carcinogens. Its a new site, so they might not have complete info on the product you are curious about, but it also offers connections to other websites and their info... so check it out.

a new member to our family.... Lidl... We wentto the pet store to buy filters for the fish tank and came home with her!

Oh, and I almost forgot... Oldest son completed his first triathlon

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