Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Harry Potter; Another pointless religious stand

I saw a brief story on some news program a few days ago that a small town in the rural south ( I though Tenn. but aparently it was Georgia) had attempted a ban on books in Spanish. Further research shows that the uproar was a proposed budget proposal that would not allow tax-payer money to go toward spanish language books for children.
When many citizens in the town (thankfully) responded by privately donating spanish language books, the uproar subsided...
Until Today...
Now... Let's ban Harry Potter!
Apparently a mother feels that Harry Potter is a 'evil' plot to teach the wiccan religion to children, and so must be banned.
Here is a thought...
don't let your kids read it if it so dangerous. I love the books. I have known wiccans in my life and loved them too by the way. And I find nothing wiccan in the Harry Potter books.
My only question is why doesn't anyone try to ban the "Left Behind" series. Now that is dangerous literature!

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