Tuesday, September 26, 2006

God Bless the ABW

This is probably a post that will mean little to any but American Baptists. ABW stands for American Baptist Women. It is a discipleship program for American Baptist Women (obvious from the name,) that encourages learning, missions and fellowship. I am lucky enough to serve in my church the president of the ABW for Rhode Island. She shared with the church the other day that over the next few years the major project that ABW national is undertaking is Slavery. Yes, slavery; the use and abuse of women and girls in the sex-slave trade around the world. ABW wants to work to educate congregations about the reality and danger of this trade and to engage in work that will rescue and care for victims of this great evil. And I thought to myself... God Bless the ABW. While American Baptist Churches USA (lead mostly by men I surmise) continues to waste time, energy and effort arguing about the issue of homosexuality, the women of our denomination (largely lay-women I might add) are engaging in a crusade that willmake a difference. Since I do love to highlight pointless Christian stances, let me take this moment to highlight an important one. So let me thank ABW for restoring my faith in our denomination. Perhaps we will not continue to shrink into obscurity if these women shine the light of what true discipleship means. And let me call to any who care to listen, get connected to ABW, if for no other reason than to work to end such a horrible thing. What better way to give meaning and purpose to your life than to be involved in efforts that will save the lives of women around the world. What better witness to others than to say that your faith leads you to fight these good fights.

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